24th Nov 2005

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Digital Camera

Have you started digital camera shopping? If you haven’t gone digital yet, and you’re trying to find a reason to justify making the switch, this article will explain the benefits of digital cameras.

1. Instant Gratification

Once you take a digital photograph, it is instantly ready to view, print, or distribute. Instant images without the film cost!

2. Instant Savings

No more ongoing film and processing costs eliminate most of the cost of photography. You also save by not having to make trips back and forth to your photo processor.

3. No Unexpected Disappointments.

With a digital camera you can instantly see how your pictures came out. Not happy? Simply take the picture again. If this were the only benefit of digital cameras it would be worth making the switch.

4. Eliminate Waste

Not only do you no longer have to wait until you finish a roll of file to have it processed, or wasting unexposed film if you are in a rush, but digital photography doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals to manufacturer and process film

5. Versatility

Many digital cameras are also capable of producing full motion video and capturing sound as well.

6. Bye Bye Redeye

You can edit your digital photographs using any of the photo-editing programs available in order to improve or alter the image. You can enlarge, crop, kill redeye, enhance color,contrast, and brightness, add titles, or do anything else that your imagination requires and the software supports.

7. Go Hollywood

Connect the camera to a TV and show your images as a slide show, use your VCR, or DVD Burner and save your slideshow forever.

8. Transfer it to Film

Yes, you can even output your image to special film-based printers that will give you a good, old fashioned photograph that you can stick in your wallet.

9. Be Goofy.. Be Wild!

It’s no secret that a lot of people use digital cameras to capture those intimate private moments. There are times you don’t want to have your candid and less discreet images end up in the hands of a photo lab technician. Keep those wild moments private invest in a digital.

10. What did I forget?

This is just a small list of the benefits of digital photography. Prices have never been lower, and there is as big a selection of brands and models to make digital camera shopping easy. Get a digital camera today and you’ll be ready for that next killer photo opp.

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