29th Sep 2006

Accessories For Your Plasma TV

There are a variety of accessories available for your plasma display. The main accessory you will be looking at is a method of displaying/holding your plasma television.

Stands/Wall Mounts

There is a huge variety of stands available for plasma displays. The manufacturer of your plasma screen will dictate what you can stand your display on. But other than that you have a wide variety of options available to you. Where your plasma screen will be going will obviously have an effect on what you choose to hold it on. Size and weight will also vary which plasma display option you go for.

Wall Mount

Standard flat against the wall fixture, works like a picture hook.

Adjustable Wall Mount

Wall fixture that holds the display away from the wall. Has an adjustable arm so the display can be rotated to be viewed from many different angels within the room.

Ceiling Mount

Most of these are adjustable, so for example, if placed within the centre of the room, it could be swivelled to be viewed from any point within the room.

Standard Stand

Like a small bookcase, with an attachment for the plasma display on the top, and shelves underneath for DVD players/Games consoles etc.


This is a sleek stick-like design with nowhere to place any accessories underneath. It is just purely a stand with an attachment at the top and bottom for the display and a fixture to attach to the floor. More for professional displays rather than home use.

Tuners and Cables

Tuners basically allow for extra signals to go through your plasma display. For example not all plasma display will have a PC related connector, so you might need to purchase a tuner with PC input and output.

You should be supplied with all the cables needed to connect your Plasma display up. But it might be worthwhile when purchasing your plasma TV to mention what you want to do with it, makes sure you’ve got enough cables to connect up all your inputs into the plasma screen.

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