25th Feb 2008

Amplifier FAQ

What is an amplifier? Any device that uses electricity to increase the volume or sound quality of an original tone by recording it and then reproducing it, there are many different types of such devices.

What is the difference between low and high energy amplifiers?

The more energy used by an amplifier, the more volume it will have the capacity to produce. The more energy an amplifier uses, the more the bigger the sound will be produced.

Why do we need amplifiers?

We need amplifiers so that sound we could not usually pick up with our ears can be heard by us. For example in mobile phones, we cannot hear the waves given off by the other phone until the amplifier receives it and improves the sound quality so that we can hear it.

Does the size of an amplifier matter?

The size of an amp makes little difference in itself, but in general the larger an amp is the more energy will be running through it, thus it will produce a bigger sound.

Why does it matter if amplifiers and speakers are not made by the same company?

It is not totally important, but it certainly does help to improve the quality of the sound for whatever system you are currently using. Amplifiers and speakers or any other part you may be using will work better if designed by the same company quite simply because they were designed to work better together. While it is true that components made by rival companies would work together, the sound would just not be of the same quality as it would be if all the components were to match.

Does every sound device contain an amplifier?

Yes, almost every sound device out there will contain an amplifier, though most often just a tiny one. We would probably hear nothing at all from phones or stereos if the device did not contain at least a small amplifier or speakers, which is why a CD player like a Discman will make no noise without speakers or a set of headphones.

What is the difference between an amplifier and a speaker?

The amplifier will take an original sound and reproduce it to improve its quality and volume, while a speaker is just the spout the amplifier will push the sound through after it is done.

How long have amplifiers been available?

Amplifiers have been available since the early 1900’s. Over the years amplifiers have been improved in many ways, and many new uses have been found for them.

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