25th Feb 2008

Amplifier Glossary

The name given to these devices, as the amperage of the signal is increased in order to increase the output volume and quality of an original sound.


Any device used to increase the volume of an original noise. The amplifier will take the original tone and reproduce it at a much louder volume so it can be heard by human ears better then before.


The process of running an electrical current through an already existing sound to improve its volume and quality so it can be heard by us.


A unit in which electrical current can be measured. Amp is also a colloquial term for amplifier.

Audio Amplifier

Must produce the proper sound exactly, with no altercations. The sound has to be perfect with no distortion, as the music has already been made and these are simply designed to allow it to play louder through speakers, instead of too quiet to be appreciated properly.

Car Amplifiers

The basic component behind the speakers in your car. This is the part of the car that drives the speakers, and no matter how good your speakers are it can only be as loud as the amplifier, this works vice versa as well. The amplifier and the speakers must be on the same level to work properly together, otherwise one component will not be doing its job to the best of its abilities.


Supporting frame or cabinet that the amplifier is built into, mostly just affects the design and look of the amp instead of the sound.

Guitar Amplifiers

Differing slightly from other sorts of amplifiers, because they can be designed to distort the sound or tone to achieve a sound that the guitar could normally not produce. Working on the same principals, some guitar amplifiers are simply designed to alter the tone of the sound instead of reproducing it exactly like other amplifiers.

Headphone Amplifier

Working mostly the same as other amplifiers, except to a smaller scale. The headphone amp simply uses less energy, as the sound only needs to be loud enough to be propelled through the tiny speakers of the headphones which are only intended for a single person.

Mobile Phone Amplifier

Device used to help send and receive mobile phone signals, from even a distance the sound will come through, if not clear. The amplifiers job would then be to make the signal understandable.

Power Amplifier

The main component of any amplifier, it is the part inside the amp where the recorded sound is reproduced to be as loud as the amplifier can make it, the more energy the amp can handle the louder the power amp will make the sound.


Used only in higher end amplifiers, or in situations that require the sound to have more done with it, like when receiving cell phone signals, or anything else that begins really quiet. The pre amp makes the sound loud enough for the power amp to pick it up without distorting it.


An effect some amplifiers will use that makes the amp sound as if you were in a different sized room, like a concert hall or a stadium.

Stereo Amplifier

Much the same as any other amp, designed to reproduce sound exactly, weather it be coming through the radio or through a CD it is the stereo amplifiers job to make the signal loud enough for us to hear.

Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier is a different type of amplifier, working on basically the same principals, except that it uses tube transistors to get the desired result.

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