25th Aug 2004

An HDTV receiver primer

Without an hdtv receiver, an hdtv-ready tv is like Yin without the Yang, The Pips without Gladys Knight, BJ without the Bear. If you have an hdtv-ready tv, you need to get an hdtv receiver in order to see how much better hdtv really is. While regular tv looks great on an hdtv-ready flat screen tv, there is a significant amount of hdtv programming for you to watch now.

In every major city, some network shows are broadcast in hdtv. Have you noticed the “Simulcast in HDTV” logo at the beginning of some of your favorite shows like C.S.I.? If you have DirecTV, you should already know about HDNET, an all hdtv-broadcast channel. With DirecTV, getting the Sopranos in high definition is as easy as 1-2-3. More programming is being added all the time.

Adding an hdtv receiver to your hdtv-ready flat screen tv is simple but you need to keep a few things in mind. To get hdtv broadcasts, you need a specialized antenna or, if you have DirecTV, you need their hdtv-compatible satellite dish. Finally, you need the receiver. Similar to a conventional cable box, you connect the receiver to your hdtv-ready flat screen tv and use the receiver to swith channels.

Picking out an hdtv receiver, you need to get one that will work well now and into the future. Keep in mind the following features.

Hdtv receiver brand compatibility:

It’s best to get an hdtv receiver from the same manufacturer as the flat screen tv since not every brand of receiver will work across manufacturers. Also, doing so will make it easier to control both your receiver and flat screen tv from the same remote.
Hdtv receiver broadcast compatibility:

You should also get an hdtv receiver that will accept both standard and high definition signals. Until everything is broadcast in high definition, this will allow you to watch standard broadcasts as well.

DirecTV hdtv receiver

DirecTV has a lot to offer the television watcher. Hundreds of stations with digital audio and video. More sporting events than you could possibly watch, and great hdtv programming. If you have a DirecTV system that is capable of receiving hdtv, your DirecTV receiver can act as your hdtv receiver as well. You get all the quality possible from your hdtv upgradeable set, quickly and easily. Plus you get everything else DirecTV brings to the table. And you don’t have to buy an extra receiver.

An hdtv upgradeable tv is an economical way to plan for the future. For a reasonable price, you get a tv packed with technology to make the most of the old standards. Plus you get a tv that is begging to show you what it can do with a high definition signal. But hdtv programming is available now. Why wait any longer to get your hdtv receiver?

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