21st Jul 2007

Apple iPhone Review

The Apple iPhone has to be one of the most hyped gadgets to hit the market in recent years. Building off of their success with their iPod line (which still reigns king over the world of MP3 players) it only made sense that Apple should move to the next level, and thus was born the iPhone. The question is, does the iPhone live up to its promises?

There are many good things about the iPhone. It has a sleek and slick style, putting a whole lot into a slim and attractive package. The multi-touch user interface is excellent and easy to pick up on, making it easy for just about anyone to learn to navigate the many features that the iPhone boasts.

For size it is about 4.5 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide and 0.46 inches deep. It’s a little bit heavier than your average cell phone but that’s no matter, it is a comfortable weight and easy to hold and move around. The display screen is large for a device this size; 3.5 inches, and boasts 480 x 320 resolution which is mighty decent for any screen this small.

One of the big features of the iPhone is its built in Safari web browser. Safari is an attractive and user-friendly web browser, providing a nice surfing experience with your phone. The screen’s high resolution improves its use over other phones with built in browsers and the simple screen touch interface makes it a snap to spin through the World Wide Web.

We are talking about an iPod product here, so of course the iPhone also works as an iPod. Here it really shines, as it is without a doubt the highest quality iPod product on the market out there. It has plenty of space to put your music, a beautiful screen interface and the highest audio quality of any iPod. However if you want to buy just an iPod this one is a bit pricey since it comes with a price tag of over $1,000.

With so much good to say about the iPhone it is sad to say that there is one major area where it fails: as a phone. This is supposed to be the key part of the iPhone, it is called a phone and not an iPod or an iSafari Web Browser, after all.

Audio quality is not that horrible with the phone, but it is not very dependable. One of the biggest issues is the question of volume. A lot of the times you can’t hear the person you are talking to very well, and if you move the phone just slightly away from your face the person on the other end can suddenly not hear you at all. Sometimes there is also a hiss in the background; not something that you want from the most expensive cell phone around.

When you look at it as a whole package there is certainly a lot of good with the Apple iPhone. It has one of the best interface systems around, a powerful web browser, plenty of extra widgets thrown in, the best iPod usability money can buy. To make it perfect all they need to do is fix its phone functionality, then the iPhone will live up to its potential.

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