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28th Feb 2008

Cookers. Cleaning Tips and Glossary

It’s best to give your cooker a quick wipe down every time you use it. This way you can avoid turning the cleaning of your cooker into a major chore. Check the manufacturer’s instruction manual for details on the best products to use. (more…)

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28th Feb 2008


A new cooker can be a considerable investment, so it’s important to make the right choice. There are a many types of cookers on the market, from basic gas or electric cookers with a single oven right up to large duel fuel range cookers with multiple burners and extra features such as built in grill plates and wok burners. With such a huge range to choose from, you’re sure to find a cooker to suit your circumstances as well as your budget. (more…)

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26th Feb 2008

Dishwasher FAQ

What factors do I need to consider when looking for dishwasher?

Your budget, the size of your household or family, whether you entertain on a regular basis and how much room you have in your kitchen are all things you need to consider before buying a dishwasher. (more…)

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26th Feb 2008

Dishwasher. Useful Information

You have lots of choices when it comes to buying a dishwasher. Department stores, electrical retailers and DIY stores are good places to start. Well known catalogue stores are also an option, although you may find that the range is a little limited in terms of the number of brand names and styles on offer. Most major high street retailers’ offer online shopping and can arrange delivery. Commercial dishwashers are available from retailers that specialise in machinery for the catering trade. (more…)

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26th Feb 2008

Types of Dishwasher

Compact or Counter Top Dishwashers

These dishwashers accommodate a smaller number of place settings than a slim line dishwasher. They usually offer less in the way of the number of available wash programs and tend to be less energy efficient than larger machines, typically in the drying portion of a cycle. Having said that, you may find this type of dishwasher useful if you’re short on space, you have a smaller household or perhaps if you have trouble bending down. (more…)

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26th Feb 2008

Dishwashers Features

Wash Programs

Dishwashers come with a huge variety of programs and you’ll find that many will at least include normal and quick wash cycles. More expensive machines offer specific glass, soak and economy programs. Top of the range dishwashers feature computer fully automatic programs which sense the size of the load and use only the necessary amount of water and energy to properly wash the load. (more…)

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26th Feb 2008


Dishwashers have for many people become an indispensdible kitchen appliance, removing the need to spend time actually washing dishes by hand. There is a very wide range of dishwashers available, from small portable dishwashers to industrial devices designed for use in catering or hospitality, or even in hospitals and care facilities. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Internet Refrigerator

Technology is growing at such a mind –boggling pace that almost each day we are bombarded with newer and more innovative products. Take the internet refrigerators that have hit the market for instance. They are also referred to as a ‘net fridge’ sometimes. It is a great innovation with a built-in computer being added to a kitchen appliance. This is truly the age of internet and can household electronic appliances be left far behind. In fact the internet refrigerator is just one of the many devices which come under a unique product category known as the ‘internet appliances’. You can find anything from smart phones to personal digital assistants under this category. Why, you can even find internet enabled microwave ovens, too. Such is the all pervading influence of the internet. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Internet Enabled Microwave

Internet enabled microwave ovens have been hitting the market regularly in recent times. They are among the household appliances which have been connected with the internet in order to serve every home in a better way. These types of internet enabled household items have become rather common these days with one also hearing of the internet washing machine and the internet refrigerator. Most of the leading names in consumer electronics are doing their bit in enhancing the features of household electronic appliances and products such as the internet microwave oven are a result of their research. LG has taken a lead when it comes to internet enabled household electronic appliances. Their cute little yet powerful microwave is already a success in several markets. (more…)

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