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21st Jul 2007

Apple iPhone Review

The Apple iPhone has to be one of the most hyped gadgets to hit the market in recent years. Building off of their success with their iPod line (which still reigns king over the world of MP3 players) it only made sense that Apple should move to the next level, and thus was born the iPhone. The question is, does the iPhone live up to its promises? (more…)

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12th Jul 2007

Linsksys CIT310 Yahoo Phone

Yahoo hasn’t made as large of an impact on the world of VoIP as Skype or Vonage has, but that doesn’t mean it did not try to leave its mark. Using the popular Yahoo! Messenger service one can get pretty simple VoIP service that is also pretty cheap. However, if you don’t have a phone that works with the system you are limited to a microphone and speakers or a headset in terms of actually talking on the phone using the service. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Home Robots

Maintaining a home was never easy. This is even more true in the context of the modern world where hectic lifestyles leave us with very little time or energy to take care of household chores. This is where technology can help us. In fact it is already helping us with almost all our lives dependent on various electronic household appliances. The rapid pace of technological advancement of household appliances is now seeing ‘robots’ actually entering our homes to share some of our work. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Internet Enabled Microwave

Internet enabled microwave ovens have been hitting the market regularly in recent times. They are among the household appliances which have been connected with the internet in order to serve every home in a better way. These types of internet enabled household items have become rather common these days with one also hearing of the internet washing machine and the internet refrigerator. Most of the leading names in consumer electronics are doing their bit in enhancing the features of household electronic appliances and products such as the internet microwave oven are a result of their research. LG has taken a lead when it comes to internet enabled household electronic appliances. Their cute little yet powerful microwave is already a success in several markets. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

The Latest News And Developments In Information Technology!

The field of IT is virtually booming today, with more and more advanced technology coming into the market, making life a lot simpler for both home and business users. The Internet had been a marvel when it came into existence a couple of decades back. Then came email and mobile technology. Then it was broadband, VoIP, WiFi and optical fiber communication. Each innovation has been bestowing more benefits on its users. Computers are getting faster and more reliable than ever before. And software isn’t lagging too far behind either! (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Robot Housekeepers: A Smart Reality

Robots at one time were nothing but pure science fiction and fantasy. But their existence is fast becoming a reality that is here and now. Robots in some shape or form have been used throughout the years to serve as a means to produce products in different kinds of industry. Everything from the creation of cars on assembly lines to serving in other areas. Robots are a smart reality that cannot be ignored. It is these machines that help us most in this world. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Latest IT Technology For Home Users

Thanks to the advent of Information Technology and the Internet, it has becoming very easy to communicate with people from all around the world, just by logging online from the convenience of one’s own home. More and more developments in the IT sector are taking place each day, offering a lot of options for home PC users, meeting their personal and small online home business requirements too. (more…)

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