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25th Feb 2008

Amplifier Glossary

The name given to these devices, as the amperage of the signal is increased in order to increase the output volume and quality of an original sound. (more…)

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25th Feb 2008

Amplifier FAQ

What is an amplifier? Any device that uses electricity to increase the volume or sound quality of an original tone by recording it and then reproducing it, there are many different types of such devices. (more…)

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25th Feb 2008

Types of Amplifier. Finding an Amplifier that is Right for You

In the beginning of the search for your amplifier, you should first decide what it is exactly you are looking for. Consider what you need the amp to do. If it is a guitar or bass amp you’re looking for, the type you choose will depend on the type of music you play, and even the level that you play at. (more…)

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25th Feb 2008


Amplifiers are manufactured by many different companies all over the world. From guitar amplifiers to stereo amplifiers to little amplifiers you stick on your mobile, almost every electronics manufacturer makes an amplifier of some type. This guide will attempt to clear up some of the questions you may have about amplifiers, and what to look for when purchasing one for yourself. (more…)

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15th Jul 2007

Microsoft Zune Review

Microsoft would badly like to take away Apple’s title as king of the MP3 player world, and the Microsoft Zune is their attempt to take the crown for itself. This is their first foray into the world of MP3 players, and only time will tell if the Zune line of products will one day be able to one day take the top spot. (more…)

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21st Nov 1999

Rio MP3 player

For those not familiar with it, the Rio player is a compact portable music player capable of playing quality music files downloaded from the Internet or from CD’s. The player is about the size of a deck of cards and roughly the same weight. Even better, it has no moving parts so it won’t skip. It comes with 32MB of rewritable built-in flash memory which holds about 30-35 minutes of CD-quality music (128 kbps). A 16MB external flash card can increase playing time. Included with the Rio Player is a bonus CD with over 100 songs and other software and music files. Also included is a single AA battery good for 12 hours playing time, headphones and a short User Guide booklet. All of this is available at a reasonable price of $200 (memory upgrade is $50). (more…)

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