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14th Dec 2007

USB Flash Drive Guide

Are you shopping for a USB Flash Drive? If not, should you be? This guide will show you the potential of these small portable hard drives. (more…)

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18th Jul 2007

Sony Playstation 3 Review

Ever since the launch of the original Sony Playstation all the way back in 1996 Sony has been a force to reckon with in the world of console games. The Playstation 2 only served to solidify its base as the premier gaming console out there. Now the Playstation 3 is the newest Playstation on the market. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Smart Elevators

Technology is impacting almost every sphere of our lives. With this being the case can elevators be left far behind? Most of us would have endured the frustration of waiting for a long time for an elevator in several high-rise buildings. Added to this comes the irritation of being sandwiched between a crowd, packed tightly before enduring multiple stops and then reaching our destination. In fact in frustration we quite often think of taking to the steps instead. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Educational toys-brain trainer

The advent of newer and newer technologies has meant that the gaming field is headed for a boom like never before. The latest in the line of gaming are educational toys. Take for instance the educational toy named ‘brain trainer’ which has hit the market in recent time. This educational toy is actually developed by a Japanese neuroscientist. The hand-held brain trainer device is known to increase your mental fitness by simulating your brain. The device is being touted as a super-fun invention that combines gaming and brain simulation all at once. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Being Safe Is Way Smart!

Amid the world of many smart gadgets and technology that exists today. There are many new gadgets that insure being safe in your home as a rule. The same goes for overall personal health with regards to people of all ages. Being safe is way smart on all fronts. As it is better to be safe than sorry later for not taking the initiative to protect one’s home and family. Safeguarding also applies to one’s health in addition to home security. So the responsibility of safety for each of us and our loved ones is paramount. (more…)

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22nd May 2007

Reproductive & Stem Cell Technology: Are They Good?

Some people have commented strongly on both reproductive and stem cell research technology. Many believe that these powers should only be left up to God as a rule. That mankind doesn’t have the right to go and tamper with nature and so forth. So the underlying question is are reproductive and stem cell technology good? These both are subjects of much heated controversy and debate on the average. But we all have differing opinions as to what defines and what defies modern technology as a rule of thumb. These are just two that represent the field of life science. (more…)

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19th Sep 2005

About Grills

The definition of grill is to cook on a gridiron. A gridiron is a barred metal broiling or grilling frame. And a grilling frame is a frame of metal, in whatever shape you grill is with either lines of metal running parallel to each other or lines running horizontally and vertically across each other. When the meat is cooked with the heat source under it these grid lines get very hot, and that’s what puts the unique black grill lines down the meat. (more…)

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14th Jun 2005

U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Today

Although the economy is facing challenges, the consumer technology industry is a bright spot with sales expected to reach $101 billion for 2004 – a 4.8 percent rise over 2003. Because of the complexity of the industry and the profound impact that digital technology is having on consumers’ workstyles and lifestyles, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is launching the most recent online version of its annual publication, Digital America 2004, as an educational resource for consumers and the consumer electronics industry at large. (more…)

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11th Nov 2004

How long before hdtv and hdtv broadcasts catch on?

Turned off by high equipment costs, confused by the wide variety and types of television sets available and bewildered by the techno-speak, many people are tuning hdtv and hdtv broadcasts out of their minds. That’s too bad because the technology is revolutionary. With five times the resolution of normal television broadcasts, a wider field of view and theater-quality sound, high definition television is as good as it gets when it comes to televised entertainment in the comforts of one’s own home. (more…)

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20th Aug 2004

High definition television

Digital hdtv programs are broadcast with 10 times the resolution of standard television broadcasts-this means that with a high definition television, the extra clarity brings out sharper details and brighter colors. The rich detail puts viewers in the middle of the action. Plus, the wide-screen proportions of a high definition tv deliver a cinematic experience similar to a movie screen. (more…)

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