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18th Aug 2006

iPod - MP3 machine

For a music junkie like me, listening to tunes at work is not unusual. Listening on a portable device is. If this were a Discman or a regular MP3 player, I would be fretting right now about how much battery power I was wasting, and I would certainly have to hunt for another album before I reached the end of this page. But this tiny beauty, known as an iPod, has put 12 hours of juice and 1,200 tunes at my fingertips, which means I can go get groceries, clean the house, work out, cook dinner, finish a novel and go to bed without thinking of taking the headphones off. (more…)

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25th Mar 2005

Home Entertainment Feature KCL VDR-2100

First things first; the KCL VDR-2100 may look like a DVD player but it doesn’t play DVDs nor does it record onto them. This recordable disc player, is a step up from a CD-Recorder with the attraction of being able to record video, too. It uses the Video CD (VCD) format that first appeared some years ago, way before the arrival of DVD. It didn’t hang around for very long but has continued to do well in the Far East. The reason it didn’t survive was simple; picture quality was pretty poor and it took two discs to hold a normal-length movie. Now it’s back, this time as an aspiring home recording format. (more…)

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20th Feb 2005

Brine Cyber Lacrosse Head

This excellent Brine pro-pinched lacrosse head is exceptionally accurate, sturdy and flexible. The narrow pocket increases passing and shooting precision, as well as overall ball control. This does however cut down on catching ease, making this a ideal stick for an intermediate lacrosse player. (more…)

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19th Jan 2005

Sony DCR-TRV140 Digital8 Camcorder

The DCR-TRV140 Ditgital8 camcorder is one of the cheapest models from Sony, but it still offers impressive resolution and plenty of features. The LCD screen is good, and the nightshot mode works well. The optical zoom is impressive and image stabilization works well. (more…)

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12th Dec 2004

Reviews for Apple iPod 10 GB

Apple has recently dropped the price on its award winning iPod Mp3 player and added several new features, as well as releasing a 20-gigabyte model capable of holding 4,000 songs to go along with the existing 5 and 10 GB models. (more…)

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18th Nov 2004

Reviews for Canon i850 Photo Printer

The Canon i850 Photo printer provides good and speed quality in both color and black & white printing. Setup is fast and easy, and it can produce photo-quality prints up to 8.5×11 inches. (more…)

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18th Nov 2004

Fujifilm Finepix 2800

The Fujifilm Finepix 2800 is an excellent buy, combining 2 megapixel resolution with 6x optical zoom (38mm- 228mm). The 2800 also includes a video mode that allows the shooting of 320 x 240 pixel movies with sound up to 60 seconds long. This combined with easy to use controls and simple USB picture transfer make this one of the best digital cameras in its price range. (more…)

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18th Nov 2004

Flat panel monitor advantages

Flat panel monitor advantages - slim, bright, cool and energy efficient. Isn’t it about time you got one for your computer? (more…)

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14th Nov 2004

Brine Tempo Lacrosse Gloves

These Warrior gloves are some of the cheapest lacrosse gloves on the market. They have a very effective ventilation system. The Tempo gloves also have extra padding, protecting your hands from the hardest of hits. The extra padding does however forfeit finger flexibility, minimizing control of the lacrosse stick. (more…)

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10th Nov 2004

Review Apple Power Mac G4

The Apple Power Mac G4 offers a blend of style and power, but for a price. The Power Mac G4 comes with dual 1.25 GHz processors and 512 MB of RAM, upgradeable to 2 GB. It also features the Apple SuperDrive, which combines a DVD-R and a CD-RW drive. A 120 GB Hard Drive should be sufficient for all but the most extreme needs, and the included ATI Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card provides excellent graphics and gameplay. (more…)

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