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08th Nov 2004

Reviews for Sony DVP-NS315B Slim Design DVD Player

This is a great first DVD player for anyone who wants good picture and audio quality and a fairly straightforward machine. It comes at an excellent price, and will last you for a long time. It does not come with some fancy features, like progressive scan, but it is still a good player for the average customer. (more…)

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25th Oct 2004

DLP projection TV

Instead of a plasma screen tv, have you considered a dlp projection tv? Dlp stands for “digital light processing” and is the new standard for projection televisions. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new television for a while, you must have seen the latest rear-projection tv’s in your neighborhood electronics store. Samsung dlp tv’s are particularly popular because they were the first to popularize and advertise the new digital technology. Amongst flat screen tvs, a dlp projection tv offers an economical solution to those seeking a really big screen tv experience. For the price of a 42 inch plasma television, you can get a high end dlp tv that can measure in excess of 60 inches. Now how’s that for big! (more…)

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22nd Oct 2004

Reviews for CFD-ZW755 Sony Stereo System

This is a decent and fairly inexpensive boombox. It comes with a remote control, which has power on/off, tuner and volume, and 10 buttons that provide direct access of CD tracks and radio presets. The remote control is useful, although it takes a lot of pointing to get the stereo to respond. (more…)

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21st Oct 2004

High definition television explained

High definition television (hdtv) is a new type of digital television that has come to the forefront within the last 3 years. Digital television improves on conventional TVs by producing better pictures and better sound. (more…)

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18th Oct 2004

UnderArmour Short Sleeved Heat Gear

This UnderArmour heat gear is designed for use in hot weather. It wicks moisture off the skin in order to keep the athlete cool and dry. This UnderArmour stretches easily so it is good to get a size or two smaller than your normal shirt size. (more…)

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15th Oct 2004

Reviews for Peavey Rage 158 Guitar Amp

The Rage 158 is a great little 15 watt practice amp, for a good price. It has three equalization knobs (high, medium and low,) and a switch that changes it from modern sound to vintage sound. Modern gives you a warm, standard noise, while vintage gives a brighter sound. (more…)

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12th Oct 2004

Reviews for Casio Illuminator

The sleek Casio Illuminator is an excellent, inexpensive watch. It is water resistant up to 50 meters, and comes with several nifty features other than the standard stopwatch, timer, and alarm. One of the most ingenious attributes is an automatic backlight with afterglow. (more…)

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25th Sep 2004

Comparing lcd televisions to plasma screen tv’s

Lcd televisions and plasma screen tvs are the two main contenders when it comes to flat screen tv technology. The difference between the two lies in the technologies that produce stunningly bright and clear images. While the lcd tv uses liquid crystal displays powered by a strong fluorescent backlight, the plasma television produces its display by electrically charging trapped gases which then produce the picture. To the consumer, it’s all too easy to get confused between lcd televisions and plasma screen tvs. (more…)

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25th Aug 2004

An HDTV receiver primer

Without an hdtv receiver, an hdtv-ready tv is like Yin without the Yang, The Pips without Gladys Knight, BJ without the Bear. If you have an hdtv-ready tv, you need to get an hdtv receiver in order to see how much better hdtv really is. While regular tv looks great on an hdtv-ready flat screen tv, there is a significant amount of hdtv programming for you to watch now. (more…)

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22nd Aug 2004

Car Audio Rockford Fosgate Power 200.1

Rockford Fosgate Monoblock amps are renouned for giving massive output and quality at an affordable price and the rf 200.1 is no exception. It is rated at 100wrms at 4 ohm and 200wrms at 2ohm, however i would argue that the real output is double these figures. (more…)

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