20th Feb 2005

Brine Cyber Lacrosse Head

This excellent Brine pro-pinched lacrosse head is exceptionally accurate, sturdy and flexible. The narrow pocket increases passing and shooting precision, as well as overall ball control. This does however cut down on catching ease, making this a ideal stick for an intermediate lacrosse player.

Not only does the Cyber provide excellent control, it is one of the lightest lacrosse heads in the game of lacrosse, weighing only 135 grams. The offset design and strategically shaped scoop provides a smooth release. This stick makes a good offensive/midfield head and is one of the best in the price range.

Brine Cyber Lacrosse Head

Product Information


Medium Offset for players who like to carry the ball and feed


  • Lightest head in the game at 135 grams
  • Pro-Pinch lower rails for extreme accuracy and control


  • Attack and Midfielders
  • Ball control and accuracy
  • Junior High through College

This head is a good buy for the buck. It has deep sidewalls, increasing precision in shooting and passing further.

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