14th Nov 2004

Brine Tempo Lacrosse Gloves

These Warrior gloves are some of the cheapest lacrosse gloves on the market. They have a very effective ventilation system. The Tempo gloves also have extra padding, protecting your hands from the hardest of hits. The extra padding does however forfeit finger flexibility, minimizing control of the lacrosse stick.

The soft leathery bottom side of the gloves increases airflow and cools the hand. These are good gloves for a beginning lacrosse player, and protect the hand well, but as the lacrosse player gets more experienced, he or she may desire a superior pair of gloves.

Brine Tempo Lacrosse Gloves


  • Double knit polyester construction
  • VaporTek inner pad liner which whisks moisture away from skin
  • Preformed writst / fingers for flexibility and fit
  • Utilizes breathable gussets on the sides of all glove fingers
  • Equiped with Warrior’s VaporVent palm with durable Nash leather and mesh matrix design
  • Double split cuff for maximum flexibility without sacrificing protection

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