21st Feb 2006

Buying a Gateway Digital Camera

A lot of people don’t automatically think of a Gateway digital camera purchase, but they should! The Gateway Digital Camera is manufactured to the same high standards as any other quality brand digital camera and you have the reputation of Gateway’s outstanding service department as an added reason to buy. In addition to the Gateway brand of digital camera, they carry selected Cannon and Kodak models as well.

At the time that this article was written, Gateway had six models on their web site with prices ranging from $69.99 (after $30 mail-in rebate) up to $349 for the Gateway digital camera brand, and prices ranging from $199.99 to $998.99 for the Canon and Kodak models.

Close examination of the Gateway branded digital cameras reveal that they look suspiciously like models manufactured by Argus. Since Gateway has zero experience in the camera manufacturing business, and given that any company can have a line of cameras private labeled with their own company name if enough quantity is purchased, it is very likely that these are, in fact, Argus cameras.

Regardless of who makes them, Gateway has an outstanding reputation for customer service so it’s unlikely you will have any problems that cannot be resolved to your satisfaction.

The lowest priced Gateway digital camera, the DC-T23, sells for $69.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate. According to Gateway’s own advertising, the camera is billed as ” A pocket-sized, easy-to-use digital photo, mini-movie and Web cam all-in-one! “, it has some pretty good specs, for a digital camera selling under $100, including:

  • Digital Zoom 4X
  • Auto White Balance with 4 Scenes and 2 Effects
  • Connector USB for PC and A/V for TV or VCR
  • File Format Still: JPEG (EXIF 2.1), DCF, DPOF Movie: Motion JPEG, MPEG1
  • Image Resolution (Movie) 320 x 240 up to 20 fps; Motion JPEG
  • Image Resolution (Still) 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, hardware enhance to 2048 x 1536, JPEG
  • Image Sensor 2 MegaPixels, ?” CMOS Sensor
  • I/O USB to PC and A/V output to TV or VCR
  • Built-in Sound Microphone

And a whole lot more. Actually it is a pretty darn impressive camera for the price. Heck it’s pretty darn impressive at twice the price!

The top-of-the-line Gateway digital camera is the DC-T50 with a street price of $299.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Although it weighs in with a pretty good feature set, it doesn’t stand out amongst competing cameras in the same price range. It only has a 4x digital zoom but it also comes with the better quality optical zoom rated at 3x with a range of 7.2 to 21.6mm. Although it does not have RAW mode image support, it does include support for still ( JPEG EXIF 2.2, DCF, DPOF and JPEG motion support for making short movies. Its 32MB SD memory card is pretty hefty. It uses the less popular Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery but also comes with an AC power supply that will charge the batteries as well as operate the camera!

If you are already a Gateway affectionato then this line of Gateway digital cameras is certainly worthy of a closer look.

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