23rd Jan 2006

Buying Tips for Digital Camera Cases

Why should aftermarket digital camera cases be on your shopping list? Because most digital cameras don’t come with a carrying case, or if the one that it did come with holds the camera but no accessories.

If you plan to take a lot of photographs away from home, then look for a digital camera case that can store your camera and the most common accessories such as lenses, filters, flash materials, batteries and charger, extra memory storage cards, a card reader, tripod, lens cleaning supplies, and anything else you might need.

Hard or Soft Case?

Digital camera bags come in two basic types: hard and soft. While hard cases will do a better job of protecting your equipment from bumps and jars, soft cases are typically roomier, store easily in airline overhead luggage bins, and have a lot of zipper pockets that are good for stashing those odds and ends that you always seem to accumulate.

Hard Cases

Some hard cases come with a foam insert that you can customize to fit your equipment by cutting out pieces of the foam with a razor knife to fit each component. Some soft cases come with Velcro covered strips that enable you to make sub compartments inside of the main compartments.

Soft Cases

Soft cases come in a variety of fabrics and colors plus genuine leather and artificial “pleather”. Hard cases are usually covered with genuine leather, or pleather. Some are made of Aluminum.

What I use for a Case…

Which case you choose is really a matter of what fits your lifestyle and how much gear you have to store. Prices range from $20 right up to hundreds of dollars. Some cases are designed to match a specific camera and others are generic. Personally, I use a large soft-sided bag with plenty of compartments and room to store a complete change of clothes, and toiletries, if my photo session will keep me away from home overnight.

While not an absolute necessity, you are sure to be wanting a digital camera case as you become more involved in photography and your gadget collections grows.

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