11th May 2005

Car Alarm Systems

Using a combination of door/window sensors, pressure sensors and motion detectors, a centralised car alarm system can protect you against car theft, car stereo theft or car damage.

Central Computer

This is the brains of the system. This will take all the signals from the various alarm components, process them to filter out false alarms and other problems, and, when necessary, alert the siren system, which will set off the alarm proper. The most important part of the alarm, this is usually located in the lower dash.

Power Supply

This may be needed for advanced alarm systems, or for cars with a small battery. Otherwise, the car battery will suffice.


This can be installed anywhere in the car. It accepts the signal from your alarm remote control, to activate or deactivate the system.


Car alarms require on noise and visual stimuli to alert you and others to any possible break-in. By installing a siren, and wiring up your alarm to your headlights (or installing new lights), both of these are provided.


Pressure sensors, sound sensors and shock sensors are all integral to supplying an overall reliable solution.

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