22nd Aug 2004

Car Audio Rockford Fosgate Power 200.1

Rockford Fosgate Monoblock amps are renouned for giving massive output and quality at an affordable price and the rf 200.1 is no exception. It is rated at 100wrms at 4 ohm and 200wrms at 2ohm, however i would argue that the real output is double these figures.
Rockford Fosgate Power 200.1
As you can see from the impendance loads to power ratio, this amp is designed to run a couple of subs wired in parallel, however the amp is capable of running 3 or 4 subs with ease. I currently run 3 jl 12w0 off the amp and they get enough juice even on half gain. The amp looks superb and is very well finished. It has a lovely quality feel to it and although it does not weigh much, all the components are solid and of outstanding quality.

One other feature that makes this amp very attractive is the remote punch bass which enables you to increase the bass at around 45 hz. However it is wise to only have this around half way as it often makes the bass sound unnatural- BUT NICE! Until you have heard a rf amp you will not realise just how good they are. Yes thay are expensive but cheap is not always best!

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