21st Jan 2004

Disadvantages Of DVD


There are many advantages associated with DVD’s. They provide far superior picture and sound quality than that of the VHS tape.

Compressing the video using MPEG-2, which gives better quality picture, than VHS and Laser Discs does this. DVD’s do not deteriorate like VHS tapes over time or wear out with excessive use.

This is great for little children who like to watch their cartoons over and over again. No matter how many times you play a DVD the quality will always be the same.

DVD’s are fairly flexible in what they can do. They add the option of multiple camera angles, different movie ratings, and choice of aspect ratios (pan and widescreen).

Other advantages include; the ability to play audio CD’s in a DVD video player, and since DVD videodisks are smaller, they are easier to store than VHS videotapes.


Like with any new product there are also some disadvantages. Remarkably, with the DVD there are surprisingly few.

The major drawback is that as of yet DVD’s are unrecordable, which means they cannot replace the VCR yet. DVD’s right now are quite expensive. To purchase a DVD player will set you back between $500 - $800 and each DVD is priced between $30 - $45.

Something that is a bit disadvantageous is the availability of DVD’s. Most major movie companies have released movies on DVD except for FOX and Paramount and many video stores do not sell them such as Blockbuster Video.

The only way to rent them is through the Internet. Selections as of yet are still quite limited. You can buy them at places like Musicworld and HMV.

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