22nd May 2007

Educational toys-brain trainer

The advent of newer and newer technologies has meant that the gaming field is headed for a boom like never before. The latest in the line of gaming are educational toys. Take for instance the educational toy named ‘brain trainer’ which has hit the market in recent time. This educational toy is actually developed by a Japanese neuroscientist. The hand-held brain trainer device is known to increase your mental fitness by simulating your brain. The device is being touted as a super-fun invention that combines gaming and brain simulation all at once.
The entire game works though a series of programs. These programs are designed to enhance one’s mental agility and memory retention powers. Brain Trainer works by simulating the frontal cortex part of the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls certain aspects such as communication, memory and creativity in human beings.

The entire game features several tests. You can now try out adding, multiplying or subtracting as fast as you can or counting as fast as you can. You can also add a series of numbers sequentially or memorize and then recall as many numbers as you can. The entire gaming unit monitors your progress by actually logging your time and score for each session. As already mentioned this hand-held gadget is compact and runs on 2AAA batteries. The product can be bought over several online stores too. When buying online make sure that you are dealing with an authentic online dealer. One good way to gauge the geniuses of a dealer would be to find out about the warranty details. A reputed dealer would always give you some kind of warranty. Brain Trainer usually comes with a 90 day warranty.

Brain Trainer is a good way to keep your brain in ship-shape. More over the entire game is fun in a way as it allows you to compete against yourself. This is what enables you to keep yourself mentally fit. The little gadget performs some great tests that actually stimulate your brain by working on the frontal cortex part.

The game is especially great for someone who easily forgets things. Children too would benefit immensely from such games. You can use the game to exercise your brain and increase your memory power. Since the game has been invented by a neuroscientist it has been conceived in such a way that it gives your brain a thorough workout, so to speak. Whenever you feel like going in for a mental boost all you need to do is to sit with your Brain Trainer. As you play along, the programs keep track of your score and time for each session. You can keep these recorded scores to compete against yourself and increase you’re the level of your memory power, each time you play. Brain Trainer comes with a large and readable LCD screen with controls that are very user-friendly. In fact anyone from young kids to adults can use them with ease. Young children can now use this device to develop memory as well as numerical skills with ease, since it makes learning all fun and play, literally.

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