18th Nov 2004

Flat panel monitor advantages

Flat panel monitor advantages - slim, bright, cool and energy efficient. Isn’t it about time you got one for your computer?

What type of a computer monitor do you have? Is it sleek, modern and cool? Or, is it big, boxy and hot? If you said the former and not the latter then you know about flat panel monitor advantages. Computers chips have become better and more efficient and so has the computer monitor. Most computer monitors sold are now of the lcd display variety than the crt version we’re all too familiar with. Flat panel monitor advantages are many – they are brighter and slimmer and run a lot cooler. They also fit in nicely with your home furnishings.

Other advantages of the flat panel monitor include the accuracy of the picture they produce. Because the lcd display has a perfectly flat surface with a backlight instead of a electron gun (as used in crt monitors), the image is not distorted by the curvature of the screen (because there is no curvature!). Also, since its liquid crystal display doesn’t use an electron gun, it is immune to any magnetic interference that might also cause picture distortion.

One of the flat panel monitor advantages often overlooked is the energy efficiency of the lcd display. The liquid crystal display technology uses significantly less than a quarter of the power consumption of a plain old boxy monitor. That advantage, coupled with the fact that prices of flat panel displays have dropped to well under $500 for a 15 inch display (which, by the way, is equivalent in terms of viewing surface to a 17 inch crt display) means that a liquid crystal display for your computer should be even more attractive.

Don’t forget also that another one of the advantages of the flat panel monitor is its ability, because of its slimness, to fit in small places such as a dorm room. For all the reasons above, an lcd display also makes a perfect gift for everyone who uses a computer.

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