06th Apr 2004

Flat panel monitors are great looking

The days of big and heavy CRT computer monitors are over. Nobody buys those “boxes” anymore. Flat panel monitors are lighter and use less energy, and they fit in with your home decor easily. Because of the perfectly flat viewing surface, a flat screen monitor displays images without distortion, so a square truly looks like a square (and not a rectangle) and a circle truly looks like a circle (not an oval). Over the past few years, prices have dropped dramatically so that you can get a 15 inch monitor for around $400 and even less for refurbished lcd monitors that are in excellent condition. When you purchase a flat panel monitor, you truly get what you pay for-for example, a 15 inch flat screen monitor is equivalent in viewing surface to a 17 inch CRT monitor. The reason they are equivalent is because in CRT monitors, the 2 inch border around the viewing surface is also counted-not so for flat screens! Also for an even better deal, check out the prices for refurbished lcd monitors; these are usually in excellent condition (often just “open box” so they can’t be sold as “new”) and often have never been used.

Flat panel monitors use lcd tv technology in the display; meaning, the display technology is liquid crystal display-the same as used in lcd tv’s. What this means is that you can do double duty with a flat screen monitor-use it as a computer monitor or as a television. This is particularly handy for small apartments and dorm rooms where space is at a premium. Also, an lcd tv in the living room can be plugged into the family computer and you’ll be able to work on it from the comforts of your sofa! One source of great online deals for refurbished lcd monitors is Overstock.com, where you’ll be able to find great deals on computer monitors at heavily discounted prices.

Many online merchants now sell flat panel monitors. You should always buy from a Better Business Bureau-certified flat screen monitor dealer who has great prices and an excellent reputation. Some online merchants also offer deals on refurbished lcd monitors that are significantly discounted.

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