20th Aug 2004

High definition television

Digital hdtv programs are broadcast with 10 times the resolution of standard television broadcasts-this means that with a high definition television, the extra clarity brings out sharper details and brighter colors. The rich detail puts viewers in the middle of the action. Plus, the wide-screen proportions of a high definition tv deliver a cinematic experience similar to a movie screen. As more and more people buy hdtv’s, digital high definition television programming are likewise getting more abundant. Now, you can watch HBO’s Sopranos like you’ve never seen before or Discovery Channel’s documentaries in the clarity and detail the producers intended. Nowadays, all the major networks have channels dedicated to subscribers who have high definition tv’s.

According to Digital Tech Consulting, CBS airs 27 hours a week of its usual programming in hdtv, and NBC and ABC air 21 hours and 13 hours of usual programming in high definition. Events like the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl and the Masters Tournament are also available in high definition television broadcasts. NBC will also broadcast the 2004 Olympics in high definition tv as well.

Entry level hdtv can be as low as $450 but at that price, you are getting an entry-level, non-flat screen version based on older technology. When looking for a high definition television, be aware of the difference between a high definition-ready television and a high definition tv. A high definition-ready tv requires an additional receiver to get high definition signals; this is done so as to lower the cost of the television for consumers who are not ready to make the plunge into high definition but want the option to do so in the future.

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