16th May 2004

High quality lcd tv’s

Increased demand for lcd tv’s, lcd projection tv’s and lcd computer flat screen monitors has seen their adoption skyrocket in recent years. Because of their perfectly flat viewing surface, there is no distortion when viewing lcd tv’s, lcd projection tv’s or computer flat screen monitors from almost any angle. With people spending more of their working and personal times on computers, these liquid crystal display screens lessen the impact of eye fatigue.

Most lcd tv’s and flat screen monitors under 20 inches can be had now for under $1,000 and as cheap as $350 at some online stores. This makes them competitive against traditional CRT-based televisions and monitors. For the small apartment or dorm room, they can also serve double duty as both a computer monitor and a television. A perfect example of such a system is the Sony W-series of desktop computers with lcd screen (see picture). For screen width beyond 33 inches, lcd projection tv’s are extremely well received and provide exceptional clarity and color. This was not possible only a mere 5 years ago.

You can rest assured that when you purchase Sony or Panasonic lcd tv’s or flat screen monitors that you are getting a quality product backed by superior workmanship and quality (other big manufacturers such as Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, NEC, etc. are also of high quality). These consumer electronics giants have a huge selection of quality lcd televisions and flat panel computer monitors. Are you looking for that perfect large-screen television to put in your family entertainment room to watch Monday Night Football? One of the best large screen, rear-projection televisions is the Sony XBR Grand Wega lcd projection tv. The brightness, color and clarity are the best we’ve seen on projection televisons.

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