16th May 2005

Home Alarm Systems

For home security at its best, you need to invest in alarm systems. There are two main types of these: home burglar alarms, and home fire alarms.

Home Burglar Alarms

Usually a home security system will have a central control panel (and sometimes a remote control) that allows you to activate, deactivate and alter the security settings at any given time.

For home-wide coverage, most home alarm systems put some kind of sensor in each room. These are linked to the main control panel and to the alarm module itself, so that the alarm can be raised should they sense anything that should not be there.

Security cameras, window alarms, and ‘deterrent boxes’ are all common modes of home security. It’s often noted that the presence of an alarm box or camera on your outside wall is enough to deter some criminals, so some people simply install these non-working components by themselves to discourage break-ins.

Home Fire Alarms

Smoke alarms detect smoke in your house and sound an alarm, allowing you to evacuate your family safely. Ensure they’re maintained properly, and plan an escape route when you move into a new home, and you’ll be protected against house fires.

Home Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In much the same way as a home fire alarm works, these will detect high levels of carbon monoxide in the air and sound a loud alarm, allowing you to get you and your family to safety.

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