22nd May 2007

Home Robots

Maintaining a home was never easy. This is even more true in the context of the modern world where hectic lifestyles leave us with very little time or energy to take care of household chores. This is where technology can help us. In fact it is already helping us with almost all our lives dependent on various electronic household appliances. The rapid pace of technological advancement of household appliances is now seeing ‘robots’ actually entering our homes to share some of our work.

The simplest device where robotics is used is perhaps the good old vacuum. Robotic vacuums use artificial intelligence in the sense that they can now clean under beds, or even along kitchen kickboards. The machines will then automatically seek out and dock inside its home base. They also recharge themselves if the batteries were to run down. These robotic vacuums would not also get stuck anywhere in your home. If they are they will simply escape, thanks to a pre-programmed escape routine which is inside them. In fact they will immediately resume the cleaning process. They can also detect stairs in your home and will automatically keep away from them and not get hurt falling down stairs. These home gizmos can actually calculate how long it would need to clean your entire room.

Home robots have revolutionized the entire way in which we live. Take for instance the world famous ‘CYE’ home robot. These robots can navigate almost every corner of your home. They can do a variety of things including, hauling your dishes or beeping reminders. They also like in the case of robotic vacuums when finished with their tasks automatically dock on to their chargers and charge automatically. These robots can detect resistance when it bumps against an obstacle. These robots work based on sophisticated software inside them. Typically such software supports mapping of the robots environments, establishing navigation checkpoints and naming rooms.

The latest home robots also utilize voice recognition programs. In fact Probotics has just launched its ‘CYE-Sr’ which allows one to talk to the robots with handclaps. For instance in order to send the robot to the living room to pick up something, you will need to clap once. Similarly clapping twice could send him to the garage and so on and so forth. These home robots can also be programmed to clean any room in your home. One good thing about home robots is that they can be upgraded in the sense that you can always add some current technology on to the existing one. For instance you can add IR range finding sensors on to these robots. This enables the robot to avoid obstacles. You can also download information from your PC, convert them into voice files and get to hear daily anything from news to weather from your robot, once you wake up every morning. Such is the range of things that you could possibly do with home robots. With advancing technology, the scope is ever-increasing. One can hear of newer innovations in the field almost each passing day. Hopping online is perhaps the best way to find out in detail about the latest in the field of home robotics.

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