21st Sep 2006

How to Choose a Plasma TV

Aside from the cost issue, the only major factor is available space. There’s no point in getting a 63” Plasma screen if your room is two foot by two foot. You have to take into account the angle you’ll be viewing from, where the Plasma television is going to go, and how far away will you be sitting.

How Far Away Should I Sit From The Plasma Screen?

Early generation plasma screens are generally best viewed from between eight to twelve feet away on a 42″ plasma TV and twelve to sixteen feet or more on a 50″ plasma display. Currently the newer models of plasma television with the added technology can be viewed comfortably from as little as nine feet away on a 50″ plasma TV.

What Angle Should I Sit At From The Plasma Display?

This of course is up to you. Your average plasma screen can be seen perfectly from up to 160 degrees to the side, so if you’ve got a lot of room for extra seats in your front room, you can get a fair amount of people around it.

Any Other Considerations?

Your best bet for choosing a plasma screen is just to look through the various models available. Some have features that others don’t. Split screen options, specific games related/DVD related adapters for better viewing quality. Just have a browse around and get the one that best fits into your budget and room size.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Plasma Television?

You can expect to pay around $2000 for a 42” and anywhere up from $4000 for a 50”. Prices do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so you’re best off shopping around.

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