22nd May 2007

Internet Refrigerator

Technology is growing at such a mind –boggling pace that almost each day we are bombarded with newer and more innovative products. Take the internet refrigerators that have hit the market for instance. They are also referred to as a ‘net fridge’ sometimes. It is a great innovation with a built-in computer being added to a kitchen appliance. This is truly the age of internet and can household electronic appliances be left far behind. In fact the internet refrigerator is just one of the many devices which come under a unique product category known as the ‘internet appliances’. You can find anything from smart phones to personal digital assistants under this category. Why, you can even find internet enabled microwave ovens, too. Such is the all pervading influence of the internet.

Most of the leading brands fighting for their share of the market have been working overnight with innovations in these internet appliances. LG is known for its internet fridge freezer with LCD display. So typical of internet refrigerators the fridge freezer features a touch screen and also has its own LAN port. This refrigerator has a built-in digital camera, using which you can take pictures and then post it on a website. You can also create an album or alternatively send to it someone through an e-mail. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as what you can do with these types of refrigerators. You can now watch television, listen to radio or play MP3 files with these refrigerators.

These smart refrigerators have truly come as boon to today’s modern homes. No longer need you worry about what you keep inside your refrigerator and for how many days. These refrigerators can keep track of the type of foods that you have stored in them and for how long they have been there inside the refrigerator. No kitchen would be the same with these internet refrigerators. If you come to think of it this innovation comes in pretty handy inside our home since most of us do spend a substantial part of our time inside our kitchens. An internet connection inside the kitchen is therefore to come in handy.

For instance you can download your favorite music from the internet while you are simultaneously trying out a new recipe inside your kitchen. Similarly you can also send an e-mail or a video mail to your loved ones using the built-in microphone and camera, while you are also attending to your chores in the kitchen. Re-stocking your refrigerator also becomes easy with you always knowing about the status, thanks to the internet connection which comes along with your refrigerator. Not only this, these refrigerator can also keep you in touch with everything from the latest news to the weather, all in the comforts of your kitchen. You can even keep track of your food content’s expiry dates at with the built-in computer which comes along with these refrigerators. One can get a lot of detailed information on the several features which form part of such refrigerators by visiting online resources. You can also shop around for these internet refrigerators at online stores.

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