22nd May 2007

Latest IT Technology For Home Users

Thanks to the advent of Information Technology and the Internet, it has becoming very easy to communicate with people from all around the world, just by logging online from the convenience of one’s own home. More and more developments in the IT sector are taking place each day, offering a lot of options for home PC users, meeting their personal and small online home business requirements too.

Here is a list of the latest developments in the IT sector:

Broadband Internet

Does your ISP take a lot of time to connect to the Internet? The latest computers are capable of working at high speeds, so should your internet. Broadband Internet is very popular with most PC users today. It gives superb high-speed connectivity and clarity for audio and video files as well. Besides, it enables much quicker downloads and sending/receiving large files online.

Triband and Quadband

Triband is a kind of mobile device which uses three frequency bands to connect to the Internet. Triband is very popular in many countries including India. The triband gives high-speed connectivity and delivers extremely reliable performance too. A Quadband, which uses four frequency bands, is getting to gain popularity with users today.

Optical fibers

An optical fiber is a fine fiber made of glass or plastic, which is designed to let light travel through its length. Communication using optical fiber technology is very much ‘in’ today, as it allows efficient and quick data transmission through different networks. This is sometimes even considered better than other wired and wireless networks.


Softphone is a software that lets you make calls worldwide, through your computer. The Softphone acts as a normal telephone and enables superb connectivity between the two networks. The Softphone connects either through the mic-speaker headset connecting through the computer’s sound card, or through a USB phone, which is easily available in the market today.


Wi-Fi deals with wireless technology dealing with wireless local area networks. Wi-Fi was initially developed with regard to mobile phones, but now also includes VoIP and the Internet, gaming, DVD players and so on.

Home users can use the advanced Wi-Fi equipment to connect to the Internet and can also build home computer networks with one single router for wired and wireless networks.


WiPeer involves setting up of an ad hoc WiFi connection. This technology lets you connect computers which are just a few hundred yards away from each other, without having to connect to the Internet to do so. This makes the whole concept of wireless connectivity a lot easier.

BlackBerry and Bluetooth

The BlackBerry is a handheld PDA mobile telephone which supports e-mail, text messaging, surfing online, internet faxing and other wireless networking functions.

Bluetooth is a wireless networking technology that connects through PANs or Personal Area Networks. It can help establish a connection between your mobile phone, desktop, Notebook, printer, gaming console, digital camera and so on.


With the amazing technology available today, one can access networks the whole world over, with the mere push of a button. All this advanced technology is making the world shrink further and further in size, making it easy for millions of people to communicate faster and more efficiently with each other.

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