12th Nov 2005

Olympus Digital Camera. C-5060 & D-390

No Olympus digital camera review is complete without a look at the Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom digital camera. It’s their latest in a long line of Olympus Camedia models that go all the way back to the early digital camera days. Like their 35 mm counterparts, Olympus digital cameras are one of the big players in the market.

Olympus D-390 2.1MPFrom their entry level D-390, a 2 Megapixel, 16mb point-and-shoot, with a street level price of $109, to their 100% digital SLR Single Lens Reflex) E-10 with a 5.0 Megapixel rating and a street price around $950, the Camedia line has something for everyone.

Olympus Improves Models Between Releases

While some manufacturers call moving a button to a different location a “new model”, Olympus has a knack for actually improving their models between releases.

Take the Camedia C-5060 Wide Zoom. Not content with an already powerful lens, they improved the model by incorporating a 4x, super wide angle lens, a tilting LCD monitor offers more angles than the previous C-5050, and an enhanced histogram feature for better exposure control. Recognizing a need to standardize on the latest memory card trends, the updated model now supports CompactFlash and xD-Picture Card recording media formats.

According to the latest Olympus digital camera reviews, the C-5060 Wide Zoom also features a RAW data mode, and the ability to extract JPEG images with adjusted image parameters from RAW files in the camera, as well as pro-quality exposure control.

Every Olympus digital camera review I’ve read says that the Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom is an outstanding value for those who are seeking something on the cutting edge of digital photography.

All Models Have Solid Feel

Olympus cameras are high quality with a solid feel that is missing from some other camera brands. They have so many models that it would be impossible to discuss them all here. Fortunately there a a lot of web sites that offer a lot of information in the Olympus digital camera review sections. Simply Google the phrase “Olympus digital camera review” and visit all of the sites that come up.

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