12th Mar 2005

Ovens. Glossary

Built in

This is an oven that is built into a cabinet or wall unit, either under the counter or at waist height.


This is an oven feature that uses a fan to circulate hot air around the oven cavity. This helps to maintain even oven temperature and to ensure even browning.

Duel Fuel

This term applies to appliances that combine both electric and gas fuels in one, usually gas burners with an electric oven.


A freestanding appliance is one which combines both hob, grill and oven in one unit and that slides between two cabinets and sits on the floor.


A grill is made up of an electrical element or elements and which can be used for grilling, browning and warming foods. It can be situated in the main cavity of the oven or can also come as a separate feature in the form of a double oven.

Self Clean

A feature available in most models of oven which automatically cleans the oven (usually at high temperatures). Examples of self-cleaning ovens include those with catalytic liners (which need to be replaced eventually) or pyrolytic ovens which burn off fat and burnt food at high heat and leave ash which can then be wiped away.

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