22nd May 2007

Internet Refrigerator

Technology is growing at such a mind –boggling pace that almost each day we are bombarded with newer and more innovative products. Take the internet refrigerators that have hit the market for instance. They are also referred to as a ‘net fridge’ sometimes. It is a great innovation with a built-in computer being added to a kitchen appliance. This is truly the age of internet and can household electronic appliances be left far behind. In fact the internet refrigerator is just one of the many devices which come under a unique product category known as the ‘internet appliances’. You can find anything from smart phones to personal digital assistants under this category. Why, you can even find internet enabled microwave ovens, too. Such is the all pervading influence of the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

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22nd May 2007

Internet Enabled Microwave

Internet enabled microwave ovens have been hitting the market regularly in recent times. They are among the household appliances which have been connected with the internet in order to serve every home in a better way. These types of internet enabled household items have become rather common these days with one also hearing of the internet washing machine and the internet refrigerator. Most of the leading names in consumer electronics are doing their bit in enhancing the features of household electronic appliances and products such as the internet microwave oven are a result of their research. LG has taken a lead when it comes to internet enabled household electronic appliances. Their cute little yet powerful microwave is already a success in several markets. Read the rest of this entry »

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