12th Feb 2006

Refurbished Digital Camera

Buying a refurbished digital camera, also know as a manufacturer’s recertified digital camera, can possibly save you some money over a brand new one. Typically a refurbished camera is one that was returned to a retailer as defective. In most cases, if the unit is under warranty, or the customer purchased an extended service plan, the retailer provides the customer with a new camera and the defective one is send back to the manufacturer for credit. The manufacturer repairs the camera and sells it through resellers who specialize in refurbished products.

On the day that this article was written I checked for refurbished digital camera prices at StreetPrices.com , a great source for new and used products, and came up with 10 choices. I took 3 products, at random, and compared the refurbished prices to the lowest street prices on a new model.

While refurbished cameras carry the same manufacturer’s warranty as a new digital camera does, the average savings over the price of a new camera does not justify taking the time and effort to locate one. In fact, if you had purchased the Nikon in the example above, you would have actually LOST money. Overall, I see no reason to buy a refurbished digital camera at this time.

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