22nd May 2007

Reproductive & Stem Cell Technology: Are They Good?

Some people have commented strongly on both reproductive and stem cell research technology. Many believe that these powers should only be left up to God as a rule. That mankind doesn’t have the right to go and tamper with nature and so forth. So the underlying question is are reproductive and stem cell technology good? These both are subjects of much heated controversy and debate on the average. But we all have differing opinions as to what defines and what defies modern technology as a rule of thumb. These are just two that represent the field of life science.

Everything in life has a beginning and an end. So let’s start at the beginning with reproductive technology and stem cell research. Then we will see where each of them leads us on our journey into the world of modern technology. What is reproductive technology? Reproductive technology applies to all the valid uses of technology with regards to human and animal reproduction as the key. It includes a lot of the following in its studies to forward research with regards to said reproduction as a group. They are the following:

  • artificial insemination for those can’t conceive
  • cloning of both humans and animals as subjects
  • surrogacy which is one woman giving birth for infertile couple
  • embryo transfer for reproductive purposes
  • artificial wombs that provide life for reproductive purposes

Reproductive technology offers many benefits to science in a number of ways. But it’s biggest contribution goes to those who are infertile and cannot produce their own offspring naturally. Artificial insemination is one of the most popular of reproductive technology. As it offers a couple the chance to have their own baby via a means that has a highly successful rate resulting in pregnancy. What is Artificial insemination? It is a way that male sperm is implanted into a woman’s uterus or cervix by an artificial process.

Human artificial insemination is viewed as being a treatment for a couple’s infertility problem. A woman can chose to use her partner’s own sperm for the process to impregnate her. Another option is using donor sperm from another.

Stem cell research is another taboo subject as far as many is concerned. But again it is the doorway to modern technology that is the 21st century and beyond. What is Stem cell technology? It is a life science research aimed at the creation and usage of stem cells. At the basis of the stem cell research controversy is the research involved with the human embryonic stem cell. Many are heatedly against the research because it is said to destroy an embryo and includes therapeutic cloning.

Any kind of human cloning is regarded by some as being unethical and not something that will be readily accepted by society. So are these modern technologies good? The answer is one that only you can formulate for yourself as an individual and what you believe in.

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