12th Dec 2004

Reviews for Apple iPod 10 GB

Apple has recently dropped the price on its award winning iPod Mp3 player and added several new features, as well as releasing a 20-gigabyte model capable of holding 4,000 songs to go along with the existing 5 and 10 GB models.

The iPod combines a large hard drive and easy to use controls with the ability to act as a FireWire disk. It features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen capable of displaying up to six lines of text. Music is downloaded automatically from the included iTunes software via the blazing fast FireWire connection. The music can be played through the included ear bud headphones, or can be attached to a car radio or home stereo system with the purchase of a connection kit. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 10 hours of music, and a memory cache provides an industry-leading 20 minutes of skip protection.

All this power is contained in a remarkably small package: the iPod weighs only 6.9 ounces. In typical Apple fashion the iPod is stylish and aesthetically pleasing. However, this does come at a price. The LCD screen and chrome backing are very prone to scratches (even when the protective holster is used.) A protective cover for the FireWire port is included to protect against dust and dirt.
The iPod supports the standard Mp3 format as well as WAV and AIFF. The firmware is upgradeable via Apple’s online software updater through their website (www.apple.com).

The iPod also includes several extras including a calendar and the ability to hold contacts. However, these functions are limited to uploading existing contact and calendar information off of a computer; they cannot be edited on the iPod. The 10 GB and 20 GB models include a carrying case and remote control.

The iPod is highly recommended for anybody with a large music collection and a sufficient budget. The only problems are the battery indicator, which was often incorrect, and the screen’s tendency to scratch easily. Also, the picky consumer may want to purchase higher quality headphones to replace the included ear buds.

Apple iPod 10 GB

Hard Drive: 5GB, 10GB, or 20GB
Connection: FireWire
Display: LCD screen (6 lines of text)
Included Accessories: Headphones, FireWire cable, Remote, Carrying case

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