15th Oct 2004

Reviews for Peavey Rage 158 Guitar Amp

The Rage 158 is a great little 15 watt practice amp, for a good price. It has three equalization knobs (high, medium and low,) and a switch that changes it from modern sound to vintage sound. Modern gives you a warm, standard noise, while vintage gives a brighter sound.

A nifty feature in the Rage 158 is that there is a CD input, which you can plug into your boombox and play CDs through the amp. This is a very nice feature, because it allows you to play along with songs more easily. It can, however be annoying to have to remember to turn on the amp and boombox before being able to play through it. Also, you need to purchase the right cable before you can do this.

Also, you can plug headphones into the amp and play without disturbing anyone, as long as you have an adaptor. Overall, this is a great practice amp for all levels of guitar players, and at a great price.

Peavey Rage 158 Guitar


  • 15 Watts
  • 8 inch super-duty Blue MarvelĀ® speaker
  • Two switchable channels-clean and lead
  • 3-band EQ
  • Tape/CD input for practice
  • Headphone jack
  • Modern/vintage voicing switch

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