22nd May 2007

Robot Housekeepers: A Smart Reality

Robots at one time were nothing but pure science fiction and fantasy. But their existence is fast becoming a reality that is here and now. Robots in some shape or form have been used throughout the years to serve as a means to produce products in different kinds of industry. Everything from the creation of cars on assembly lines to serving in other areas. Robots are a smart reality that cannot be ignored. It is these machines that help us most in this world.

Robots have a definitive and assured status in our society. The one place that they have become synonymous with in a big way is the domestic home. Something that is also no longer the stuff that cartoons like the Jetson’s robot maid named “Rosie” are made of. Robot housekeepers are a smart reality in a very realistic way. As they do exist and serve their human creators in all kinds of ways imaginable. These robot presences can do everything from vacuum up the floor to mowing grass.

The biggest majority of present-day robots have been made to service the manufacturing industry. The tasks that they perform in an industrial environment range from tasks that are repetitive in nature. They include the simple assembly of products and also painting auto-bodies. But because the demand is beginning to grow in the area of robotic housekeepers. So is the apparent industrial market in the creation of unique and intelligent robots to supply this need.

One of the biggest users of robots on the average is the country of Japan. As many as 50,000 robots were installed in Japan alone. Robots are also quickly becoming more and more intelligent with technology that gives them varied applications to function with. They are behaving more and more like humans in nature than being just a computerized machine.

Robotic technology was stated as being applied in the industrial field and to send rockets to the Moon and outer space. But they are also increasing in number in other areas of usage too. These areas include demolition, underwater, and robots who aid in surgery from a far away distance. Robots aren’t just a thing of the future anymore. They are a very smart reality that we can all benefit from.

Robotic housekeepers are also a part of many American households now. Though not in major forms yet as that of The Jetson’s “Rosie”. There are some small robots who perform some household chores. iRobot Corporation is a leader in the production of little robots who do everything from vacuuming to washing floors to cleaning up a tool workshop. iRobot’s Roomba is a popular device for vacuuming floors and rugs. They also have another robot that washes floors and it is called Scooba. The one that cleans up a tool shop or garage floor is iRobot’s Dirt Dog. These little robots are just a beginning in a line of much more finer household robotic creations to come.

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