11th May 2005

Smoke Detector Alarm Systems

For fire alarm purposes, a smoke detector is the most commonly used item. Almost every home has one of these – and those that don’t definitely should have! Smoke alarms are cheap, easy to maintain and reliable. Smoke detectors, as the name suggests, work by detecting smoke occurring in the air in your home. These detectors are placed on an upper wall or on the ceiling so that when the smoke rises to them, they can detect it, and emit a loud beeping or siren sound to alert the household.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Of course the peace of mind afforded by a smoke alarm can make some people complacent. Many people forget that they don’t have an everlasting lifespan – you must replace the battery when it runs low. Test your fire alarm at least once a month by pressing the button that sounds the alarm. This is usually located in the middle of the alarm unit. If it takes a second to sound, is quieter than usual, or fades away easily, replace the battery immediately. Even if your checks have gone well for a while, it’s vital that you change the battery – every six months or so is a decent guideline, but some fire alarms may require more frequent fuel refreshment.

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