02nd Apr 2006

Sony Battery Chargers

Sony AC-SQ950D Quick Dual Battery Charger for Sony InfoLithium Batteries

Refreshes your Sony InfoLithium batteries much more faster than the charger that came with your camera or camcorder. LCD display even shows you the charge time remaining and the percentage of charge completed.

Plus, because it runs off both AC and DC power, it’s very versatile. Plug it in at home, or use your car’s battery (via the cigarette lighter) while on the go. You can even use it as an AC or DC adapter to power your compatible cam directly.

Key features: compatible with Sony InfoLithium “M” series battery packs, gives a one-hour charge in approximately 16 minutes (charging time varies with battery model), LCD display, connecting cables included.

Sony AC-VQ11 Quick Charger

Compatible with digital cameras and camcorders that use Sony’s “S-series” InfoLithium batteries (such as NPFS11/21/31).

Approximate charging time with NP-FS11 battery pack: 50 minutes for normal charge, 110 minutes for full charge.

It works significantly faster than other S-Series chargers, and features a built-in LCD panel for displaying remaining charge time and battery life.

Sony AC-VF50 AC Adaptor / Charger for InfoLithium ‘F’ Type batteries

Provides AC operation for your camcorder or charges ‘F’ series batteries.
Charging time (full charge/normal charge): NPFF50: 120 min/60 min; NPFF70: 150 min/90 min.
Supplied accessories: AC Power Cord, Connecting Cord DK-225.

Sony BC-VM50 Battery Charger for Info-Lithium M Series

AC Charger for NP-FM50, NP-FM70, NP-FM90 and NP-FM91 InfoLithium M Series batteries.

Sony Portable AC Charger

External AC 110/220 V Battery Charger. Can charge two lithium-ion batteries (NP-F330/550/730H/750/950/960) at once. Retractable AC plug makes it ideal for lightweight travel.

Sony AC-V16 Ni-Cad Battery Charger

Worldwide AC battery charger. Charges NP-98 batteries, and lets you run your camcorder directly from an AC power source. Charge time: 3 hrs and 30 min.

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