08th Feb 2006

Sony Camcorder Batteries

Sony NP-FM91 Rechargeable InfoLithium Camcorder Battery
If you have a digital camcorder you’ll inevitably end up buying a new long-life battery. And this big one is really good choice for the owners of Sony camcorders. NP-FM91 is one the longest capacity batteries in Sony’s “M” series.

Nominally it provides up to 10 hours of recording time. In reality though 10 hours of continuous recording time is possible only if you do not use the LCD screen, nightshot, VCR mode, and other effects, that is hardly believable.

Part of Sony’s AccuPower system, InfoLithium batteries include a built-in microprocessor that communicates with compatible Sony camcorders. The AccuPower Battery Meter displays the minutes of remaining battery time in the corner of your viewfinder or color LCD screen.

InfoLithium batteries don’t suffer from the “memory effect” of NiCad batteries, so you can partially charge them without reducing their capacity. 7.2V, 29.8Wh.

Sony NP-QM71 Rechargeable InfoLithium Camcorder Battery
This popular “M” series battery provides up 250 minutes of continuous recording time. SQ technology allows you to recharge your NP-QM71 battery in 54 minutes.

Sony NP-F550 Rechargeable InfoLithium Camcorder Battery
Another top rated battery designed specifically for use with select Sony camcorders. It will provide up to 240 minutes of continuous recording time. 7.2V, 10.8 Wh.

Lenmar LIS330 Battery Replaces Sony NPF330
Small generic replacement battery for Sony digital cameras (Including Mavica) and VTRs such as the PD 150, DSR V10, and VX-2000. Memory free NoMEM Li-Ion technology. Continuous recording time - 45 mins. using the LCD screen, and 55 mins. using only the viewfinder. Drained batteries take about 1.5 hrs to fully charge. 7.2V, 21.6Wh.

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