18th Dec 2005

Sony DCR-TRV25 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder

The 1/4.7″ CCD Imager (1.0 Mega Pixels Gross) uses 690,000 effective pixels to produce impressive clarity in digital videos. For still images, the CCD uses all one million pixels to produce decent digital photos. Sony’s Advanced HAD CCD technology combined with f1.8, 3.7-37mm Carl Zeiss 10x optical lens, provides excellent video performance with 520 lines of horizontal resolution. As with other similar Sony MiniDV models, there are some problems in low light situations.

Sony DCR-TRV25 features a 2.5″ LCD, which has adjustable brightness, backlight and color. The TRV27 has a larger 3.5″ LCD screen and it is the only difference between these two cams, not to mention difference in prices.

The color viewfinder is also present. The LCD has great visibility in sunlight and the color viewfinder can be used to conserve battery power when you don’t need the convenience of the LCD.
Sony DCR-TRV25 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder
The TRV25 has 6 modes of program AE, manual focus and manual exposure in addition to automatic ones (the manual focus is controlled by the ring around the lens). You can switch between manual and automatic focus using a switch on the left side of the camcorder (in front of the LCD).

The manual exposure can help you avoid overexposure (as well as video noise in low-light scenes). The TRV25 has picture effects and digital effects, several A/V fader modes, 16:9 recording. The menu control button and other buttons are located under the LCD screen.

Old videos conversion - just connect any analog NTSC video source (like your VCR) to the camcorder’s analog A/V inputs and commence recording. Analog NTSC video can also be passed through your camcorder directly into your computer (with compatible software) via the i.LINK (IEEE 1394) interface in real time for computer editing of your analog footage. This Digital Handycam uses 14 bit processing for improved analog to digital conversion, making your digital masterpieces even better.

Super SteadyShot is able to steady your videos without sacrificing image quality like inferior stabilization systems do so you lose the shake without losing important detail.

With Sony’s Super NightShot mode you can capture video in total darkness (0 lux) up to 10 feet away. Super NightShot automatically adjusts the shutter speed to increase picture clarity.

The camcorder can also act as a webcam through the USB connection at 320×240 resolution.

Using your camcorder’s Digital Still Memory mode, you can capture megapixel still images at 1152 x 864 resolution, or at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels for e-mailing or posting to the web. As with all the other Sony MiniDV models, the camcorder saves the digital stills to Memory Sticks (includes 8MB Memory Stick). Contrary to TRV50, this cam does not have a pop-up flash for taking your digital stills. The camcorder transfers the digital stills from the camcorder to the computer via USB.

MPEG Movie EX gives possibility to record uninterrupted to the full capacity of the Memory Stick you are recording on. For example, the 128MB Memory Stick media will record up to 85 minutes of nonstop MPEG videos.

DCR-TRV25 uses built-in stereo microphone and Digital Audio Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) technology (also used in CD recording) with 12-Bit or 16-Bit mode is used. Audio is stored separately from video and you can use Audio Dubbing that allows you to add a stereo track of music or narration (in 12-bit SP mode).


Maybe the best value for money. The DCR-TRV25 produces images of better quality than DCR-TRV18 and can be compared to DCR-TRV50, but TRV25 does not have Bluetooth technology and correspondingly is cheaper.

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