06th Nov 2005

Sony DCR-TRV50 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder

The best video quality between camcorders having 1 CCD, but addition of BlueTooth technology and other countless extras it makes a little pricey. The 1/4″ Advanced HAD CCD Imager (1.5 Million Pixels Gross) combined with 10x (optical) and 120x (digital) Carl Zeiss zoom lens, provides outstanding video performance with impressive up to 530 lines of horizontal resolution.

The 3.5″ SwivelScreen LCD display uses 246,000 pixels to create an image with excellent clarity. It rotates up to 270 degrees providing detailed images for monitoring or playback that you can see clearly from multiple viewing angles. An upgrade of the DCR-TRV50 over the DCR-TRV30 is the addition of a touch panel LCD screen. The ” On Screen” touch panel system allows you to navigate through your camcorder’s menu system by just touching the screen with the supplied stylus. Especially good are the spot-metering and spot-focusing functions, which you can operate by touching the screen area (object) that you’d like to meter or focus upon.
Sony DCR-TRV50 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder
The DCR-TRV50 includes the same BlueTooth technology as DCR-PC120BT has. It allows you to transfer still images and MPEG movies wirelessly, and send text e-mail messages. All you need is modem adapter. Unlike PC120BT the adapter is not included in the pack. You have to buy it additionally (about $200) or connect to Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The USB interface provides another option for transfer of digital images and MPEG movies stored on Memory Stick media. Besides transferring images from your Memory Sticks, you can use the USB interface to contact friends on the Internet. USB streaming allows you to broadcast live video with audio, or playback recorded scenes stored on tape.

Using Digital Still Memory mode, you can capture quality megapixel still images at 1360 x 1020 resolution, or at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels for e-mailing or posting to the web. Digital still images are stored in JPEG format directly onto Memory Stick media which provides easy transfer to computer for editing, e-mailing or printing.

When you need more light for your photos there is a built-in flash unit that can pop up automatically when it is needed and automatically adjust itself for the proper flash intensity based on focal distance.

Unlike other MPEG1 movie modes, MPEG Movie EX allows you to record uninterrupted to the full capacity of the Memory Stick you are recording on. For example, the 128MB Memory Stick media will record up to 85 minutes of nonstop MPEG videos.

You can convert your old analog videos to digital. Just connect any analog NTSC video source (like your VCR) to the camcorder’s analog A/V inputs and commence recording. Analog NTSC video can also be passed through TRV50 directly into your computer (with compatible software) via the i.LINK (IEEE 1394) interface in real time for computer editing of your analog footage.

Low light perfomance is not excellent - lacks color saturation and accuracy.


The TRV50 is better and more expensive than DCR-TRV18 and DCR-TRV27. Sony DCR-TRV950 with 3-CCD Imaging System performs better video but difference in prices is substantial. Recommended.

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