10th Jan 2006

Sony DCR-TRV740 Digital 8 Camcorder

The Sony DCR-TRV740 has a 1/4.7 in. Megapixel CCD rated at 520 lines of resolution. Of course, digital stills are not of such quality solid cameras can offer, but what can you wait for such a price.

15x optical zoom paired with Super SteadyShot image stabilization that helps to eliminate the shakiness associated with high zoom levels. But the only way to avoid shakiness is to utilize a tripod. Tape loading position is on the bottom and is too close to the tripod connection. It requires removal from a tripod to change tapes.

Very annoying thing is that TRV740 lacks control of manual white balance feature and other manual features.
Sony DCR-TRV740 Digital 8 Camcorder
The 2.5″ LCD is not as detailed as the Sony’s MiniDV version. To preserve battery life you can use the black-and-white EVF.

Nice feature is that camcorder’s recording pattern allows digital recording on 8mm or Hi8 tapes. This compatibility enables to enjoy continued playback of analog 8mm or Hi8 tapes.

The camcorder records high-quality 12-bit or 16-bit PCM digital stereo audio. It also has a 1/8 in. mini-plug microphone in jack and a similar headphone jack for monitoring audio during playback and recording. One of the downsides of the DCR-TRV740 is noisy tape mechanism.

The MPEG movie mode lets you capture up to 60 seconds of MPEG encoded video and store it directly to Memory Stick Media. Or, convert up to 60 seconds of digital video to an MPEG movie for e-mailing.

Digital Still memory mode allows you to capture digital still images directly onto Memory Stick media for transfer to e-mail, printing, or sharing with compatible Memory Stick devices. Digital still images can be captured while in Memory Mode, or images from videotape can be captured onto Memory Stick media.

The DCR-TRV740 comes with a power adapter, InfoLithium battery, 8 MB Memory Stick, remote control, two AA batteries, AV cable, lens cap, shoulder strap, USB cable, and software CD-ROM.

Good video quality for the price.

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