21st Oct 2005

Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD DV Camcorder

DCR-VX2100 incorporates all the features that made its predecessor, the Sony DCR-VX2000, one of the most popular camcorders in its class. The camcorder includes three 1/3 in. 380K pixel CCDs which have 340K effective pixels for video and 340K effective pixels for stills.

DCR-VX2100 has a minimum illumination of an impressive 1 Lux compared with the VX2000’s 2 Lux rating. Each CCD receives its images through a f1.6-2.4, 12:1 optical zoom lens whose range is 43.2 – 518.4mm.

Progressive Scan CCDs capture a complete frame of video rather than interlacing two separate fields to produce a video frame. This high performance system eliminates the stair stepping effect that can be seen in standard interlaced systems when capturing still images. The images will be sharp and clear with excellent definition.
Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD DV Camcorder
Also on the VX2100 is a two-stage neutral density filter. ND filters are used to compensate where contrast levels may be high such as in bright artificial lighting situations or in direct sunlight. To set exposure accurately there are two zebra pattern overlays – 100% and 70% – which help balance even the most difficult lit scenes.

The DCR-VX2100 model adds some enhancements to the proven video capture capabilities of the DCR-VX2000.

As well as the same superior picture quality and performance, the camera’s minimum illumination has been increased, resulting in even better recording in low light conditions.

Audio quality also receives a boost with more accurate sampling during manual recording.

Enhanced LCD Monitor with 211k pixels (VX2000 - 200k).

There is also the addition of a Hybrid LCD Panel for monitoring recording and playback, providing a very bright picture for use in high contrast situations, even under a strong sun.

The microphone has a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

The camera’s handle has been resized and raised for a better grip and more crucially has been redesigned to incorporate an on-handle zoom lever and a record start/stop button.

The lens hood has been redesigned to accommodate a wide conversion lens and now has a built-in lens cap.

The camera body has also been restyled in dark gray instead of the current silver for a higher quality feel, while a larger sized viewfinder will aid more comfortable shooting.


If you own Sony DCR-VX2000, you won’t feel left behind. The DCR-VX2100 is not enough different from the VX2000. For VX2000 owners I see no significant reasons to upgrade.

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