22nd May 2007

The Latest News And Developments In Information Technology!

The field of IT is virtually booming today, with more and more advanced technology coming into the market, making life a lot simpler for both home and business users. The Internet had been a marvel when it came into existence a couple of decades back. Then came email and mobile technology. Then it was broadband, VoIP, WiFi and optical fiber communication. Each innovation has been bestowing more benefits on its users. Computers are getting faster and more reliable than ever before. And software isn’t lagging too far behind either!

Listed below are some of the latest IT technologies that have just entered the IT arena:

The Triband

Triband is basically a mobile phone device that connects online through three radio frequency bands, in order to give better and faster Internet connectivity to the user. The Triband has become extremely popular in many countries including India.

The Quadband

The term ‘Quad’ means ‘4’. The Quadband is similar to the Triband, only, it is yet more advanced. It connects online using 4 frequency bands. This is a very recent introduction and is slowly gaining more popularity among its users.


The BlackBerry is a stunning handheld device that is actually a cellular phone which also supports email, browsing, internet faxing, online printing and a variety of other functions online. This is basically designed to let busy business people or executives to access the Internet even when they have to tour internationally. This efficient Palm device easily connects to the Internet without the least bit of trouble and can help its user arrange all his data according to his preferences.

Triple play and Quadruple play

The Triple play service gives its user the benefit of high-speed Internet, clarity of audio telephone connection through VoIP and additionally also provides VoD (Video on Demand), that is, high video output as well. Much of today’s online gaming industry relies on triple play technology.

Quadruple play includes all the above, plus seamless and smooth transmission of data over networks as well.

Digital Home Technology Integrator (DHTI)

This current technology is designed for those who deal with networking home computers. This technology lets them integrate home computers over a single, efficient network.


IPTV or Internet Protocol Television relies on the Triple play service. This delivers broadband connections, VoIP and VoD services too, all at the same time. This type of TV is also popularly known as the ‘Internet Television’. This connects online using LANs or other computer networks.

Tech equipment

A lot of new mobile, computer and laptop models too are entering the market every single day, each one with more features than its predecessor.

GSM mobile phones are being used in a big way to help both the police and the public. These phones help in vehicular tracking and also provide precise city and road maps to those traveling to new, unknown locations.

The latest tech news is that Seagate is planning to introduce its new laptop which is slated to have 10 times more disk storage space than the regular laptop computer. This could lead to a laptop being capable of storing up to one terabyte of data, which is an amazing concept in itself.

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