25th Feb 2008

Types of Amplifier. Finding an Amplifier that is Right for You

In the beginning of the search for your amplifier, you should first decide what it is exactly you are looking for. Consider what you need the amp to do. If it is a guitar or bass amp you’re looking for, the type you choose will depend on the type of music you play, and even the level that you play at. Are you looking for an amp that sounds sweet and smooth, or do you want an amp that will let your neighbours know that you’re about to break the windows? Do you need a stereo amplifier to drive those new speakers you just picked up? Are you having trouble hearing what anyone is saying on your mobile phone? No matter what type of amplifier you are looking for there are many quality types of amplifiers available that will most definitely suit your needs.

Guitar Amplifiers

There are hundreds of different amplifier manufacturers available to choose from, especially when it comes to guitar and bass instruments. Important things to consider when purchasing an amplifier are sound quality, size, and wattage being put into the amplifier. It is important to always test the amplifier before purchasing. Make sure the amp you are considering makes a good match with your guitar.

If you are looking for an entry level amp and really don’t know what you are doing, ask for assistance at any amplifier supplier and they should be happy to help you. Check out the range on the volume knobs, and factor in the size of the amp as well. When listening, you need to consider the quality and tone of the sound. Different amplifiers will be clearer, have a sharper tone, and maybe even make different sounds. One good approach is to try and decide what you want your music to sound like, and then choose an amp that makes it sound like you want it to.

Car Amplifiers

Car amplifiers amplify the output of the stereo in your car. Though an amplifier on its own cannot increase the overall quality of the sound in your car, it is a good way to start. If you are thinking of upgrading the amplifier in your car, you need to make sure that the speakers you have installed can handle the increase in wattage. It may be a good idea to upgrade the speakers at the same time as the amplifier. Ask your dealer what kinds of amplifiers and speakers work well with your specific model of car. They often have upgrades that they can give you good deals on at the lot.

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