14th Dec 2007

USB Flash Drive Guide

Are you shopping for a USB Flash Drive? If not, should you be? This guide will show you the potential of these small portable hard drives.

USB Flash Drives are one of the most popular computer storage devices available. Do to their small size and large storage capacity; they have replaced the need for floppy disks. They also make a better choice than a CD-RW for large file transfers from one computer to another or for temporary storage.

To use a USB drive just plug it into a USB port on a compatible computer and then access it like any other drive on your computer. You can read directly from a USB drive or move files back and forth from your hard drive to your USB drive.

They can be purchased in several different memory capacities. Currently the available memory in a USB flash memory drive ranges from 512 MB up to 4 GB.

USB Flash Drive Shopping Tips

I would shop for a drive with at least 2 MB of memory and you will probably want more once you see how easy they work.

Memory capacity should not your only consideration. The read and write speed of each drive varies and may be important if you going to be storing large files. These speeds are measured in MB/second. You can also shop for many different sizes and colors of USB drives.

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