28th Sep 2005

Vivitar Digital Camera

In this Vivitar digital camera review we’re going to tell you the rest of the story. Most people think of lenses and filters when they hear the name Vivitar.

From Vivitar’s own web site we learn that Vivitar Corp., headquartered in Newbury Park, Calif., designs, develops and markets photographic, optical, electronic and digital imaging products through company offices in the United States, France, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Founded in Hollywood, Calif., in 1938 by two German immigrants, Max Ponder and John Best, the company has grown from a regional distributor of photographic products to an international imaging technology leader. Originally known as Ponder and Best, the company became Vivitar in 1979, with its own highly consumer accepted brand name and an impressive list of patents and technological innovations.

Vivitar Mainly Known for Lenses and Flashes

Over the years, Vivitar has set many standards in the photo industry. Its history includes a portfolio of over 85 electronic flash and optics patents, which photographic manufacturers around the world have incorporated into their own flash and 35 mm SLR zoom lenses.

In 1995, to complement its full line of photographic products, the company created an electronics and digital imaging product line and is now marketing digital imaging products for business and home use. Vivitar also expanded its tripod line, and is currently revising and broadening its line of sports optics products.

Vivitar believes that the future of photography is digital cameras. Vivitar’s digital cameras offer the most popular features including color LCD display, external Compact Flash or Smart Media storage and an easy computer interface. They are affordably priced and ideal for first-time digital photographers.

Vivitars Range from $40-$350

Vivitar Vivicam 3705 3.3MPVivitar cameras range in quality from 1 megapixel up to 5 megapixels. With 20 models in the $40 to $180 range, 5 in the $180 to $280 range, and their top model coming in at $350, there are no shortage of digital cameras to choose from.

Vivitars Have Quality Lenses

One consistent fact that appears in every Vivitar digital camera review is that their line of cameras are geared toward first-time digital photographers. Although they have many of the same features as competitors in the same price range, the quality of the Vivitar lens system sets them apart from the pack.

There were some user complaints of grainy images in earlier Vivitar digital camera models but you don’t hear the complaint very often now. There are a lot of web sites that offer Vivitar digital camera reviews. All you have to do is enter the phrase “Vivitar digital camera reviews” into your favorite search engine, and I guarantee you’ll find an Abundance of fuel for thought.

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