21st Sep 2003

Why Buy Digital Cameras?

With most digital cameras you can check your results instantly on the LCD monitor. Allowing you to check your picture and maybe retake the image if it is not quite right.

No more waiting to finish that film or waiting for your image to be returned from the photo lab. Many printers are photo quality allowing you to print your images instantly. However we still recommend for larger quantity of images that you still use a photo lab, this will save you time & money.

No More Film

Because Digital cameras record images onto reusable memory cards, there is no need to buy film, saving you money on film.
Although you will initially need to buy sufficient memory card or cards to store all your images, remember the card supplied with your digital camera has insufficient space to store many images.

No More Duff Shots

With a digital camera you can snap away to your heart’s content knowing that you can delete those duff or unwanted shots later

Movie Mode

The ability to record short movie clips(sometimes with sound)is now common on digital still cameras. Whilst these will never replace a camcorder, the movies are ideal for emailing or posting on websites. Cameras with an AV output can also display the movies on a television, or recorded to a tape using a standard VCR

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