26th Feb 2008

Dishwasher FAQ

What factors do I need to consider when looking for dishwasher?

Your budget, the size of your household or family, whether you entertain on a regular basis and how much room you have in your kitchen are all things you need to consider before buying a dishwasher.

What do the ratings given for dishwasher performance mean?

The ratings (letters from A to G) are part of the EU (European Union) Energy Label system. Dishwashers are assessed for performance in washing and drying cycles and for energy efficiency. An A rating in each category indicates a machine with the best performance and energy efficiency available for its type (full-sized or slim line, for example).

Are manual controls better than electronic touch pads?

Dishwashers with manual or mechanical controls are generally less expensive than models with electronic controls. However, machines with electronic controls typically offer a wider range of wash programs and can provide you with information about how the cycle is progressing, for example. Electronic flat panel controls are also much easier to clean.

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